Work remaining for a 2.1 release?

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Feb 13 18:31:53 CET 2013

On Wed, 13 Feb 2013 01:34, kylebutt at said:
> Given that the last beta was over a year ago, what work remains on the 2.1
> release, and how can I help?

Don't expect too much from a beta tag, there is no definite list of
features to be included in 2.1 but this development cycle needs to come
to an end soon.

I am currently working on improving the key storage and on features to
help using GnuPG-2 on unattended boxes.  What we definitely need is a
way to make the migration from secring.gpg to the gpg-agend based
private key storage easier.  There are two options I can see:

 - A Pinentry based message to tell the user how to migrate
 - A fully automated way to migrate the keys.

The latter is more complicated due to the fact that the user needs to
enter the passphrase for each private key.  It also needs to take care
of the not so common cases of offline stored keys etc.  In theory this
should all work, but it needs to see more tests.  The keys are too
precious to risk any loss.

Another construction area is the smartcard stuff.  gniibe is currently
working on it so I assume we are on track there.

Help would of course be welcome.  However, any code contribution also
means initially a bit more work for me.  Given that I can only barely
finance my living I unfortunately need to limit the time I can hack on
GnuPG.  And I also need to sort out the issues with the requirement for
copyright assignments.



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