Work remaining for a 2.1 release?

James Cloos cloos at
Thu Feb 14 16:40:18 CET 2013

>>>>> "WK" == Werner Koch <wk at> writes:

WK> I also bet that more than 99% of all users have only one key
WK> and thus one passphrase (they should know very well).

On that front, please do be sure that when iterating through the keys in
secring a secret key with a forgotten passphrase does not DoS the con-
version for subsequent keys.  Ie, there must be an option to skip a key
until later.  Also, an easy way to backup such a keypair -- both the
encrypted secret key and the matching public key -- would help avoid
repeated skip-this-for-now dances.

Some keys may have been generated for short-term use.

Some may have one of those damned 'clever' passphrases which turn out
the be as memorable as what one had for dinner on the nth of last
month.  ;(

But still, eventually, insiration might surprise one with the missing

And for convenience, it could try recently entered phrases before
prompting, much like (openssh's) ssh-agent(1) does when adding a
collection of keys.

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