listing unusable keys

Łukasz Stelmach stlman at
Thu Feb 14 20:06:39 CET 2013

Greetings All.

I've got a question about --list-keys action. When it is given execution
comes via list_one, get_pubkey_bynames, key_byname. The last gets 1 as
include_unusable parameter. This makes gpg show keys with revoked uids
matching the one given as an argument to --list-keys, however, the
matching uid isn't displayed unless show-unusable-uids option is set.

This brings a question to my mind: is this behavior correct? It works a
bit better with --with-colons where show-unusable-uids does not affect
output and all uids are displayed with revoked ones marked
appropriately. Nevertheless it is inconvenient from time to time
(emacs+epg+gnus) if gpg is expected to return list of keys (e.g.) usable
for encryption to a particular uid.

Is there a reason to pass 1 to key_byname in get_pubkey_bynames rather
then the value of show-unusable-uids?

Kind regards,
Łukasz Stelmach
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