Several problems with building GnuPG 2 for Windows

Laila Vrazda lailavrazda1979 at
Sun Feb 17 02:29:13 CET 2013

w32pth's location is nowhere to be found on the web site. All I could find
on the internet were outdated svn URLs, so it was very hard to find. Also,
--with-libgpg-error prefix doesn't work for libassuan or libksba, a
workaround is to ignore what --help says and use --with-gpg-error-prefix.
With libassuan, HAVE_DOSISH_SYSTEM needs to be set for x86_64-w64-mingw32.
A workaround is to do CFLAGS+=-DHAVE_DOSISH_SYSTEM ./configure ...

As for w32pth, is there any release of this, or does everyone have to pull
it from the repo? The build is confusing, after running, it
tells you to run it again. Shouldn't it run the configure script? Speaking
of the configure script, it doesn't even run; it dies with a syntax error.
It uses <your home directory>/w32root as the install directory; what ever
happened to --prefix? Finally, it only supports MinGW, which is dead and
buried. Why is there no support for MinGW-w64?
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