NeuG 0.05 and Gnuk 1.0.2

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Mon Feb 18 05:16:43 CET 2013

NeuG 0.05 was released with just a bit of speed improvement.  NeuG is
an implementation of True Random Number Generator based on
quantization error of ADC of STM32F103.

Also, Gnuk 1.0.2 was released.  Gnuk is an implementation of
Cryptographic Token for GnuPG, and it runs on STM32F103.  Highlights

* Product string is now "Gnuk Token" (was: "FSIJ USB Token")

  Since the USB ID Repository suggests not including vendor name
  in product string, we changed the product string.

* New tool (experimental): test/

  This is the tool to install new firmware to Gnuk Token, provided
  that it's just shipped from factory (and nothing changed).  It
  authenticate as admin by factory setting, register a public key
  for firmware upgrade, and then, does firmware upgrade.

* tool/ supports '-k' option

  It now supports RSA key on the host PC (not the one on the Token).

* New tool: tool/

  This is a script to dump raw data of RSA public key, which is useful
  to register to Gnuk Token as a firmware upgrade key.

* New tool: tool/

  This tool is libusb version of  Besides, a bug in was fixed.

* CCID protocol fix

  When time extension is requested by Gnuk Token to host PC, argument
  field was 0, which was wrong (but it works for most PC/SC
  implementations and GnuPG internal driver).  Now it's 1, which means

* OpenPGP card protocol enhancement

  Now, VERIFY command accepts empty data and returns remaining trial
  counts, or 0x9000 (OK) when it's already authenticated.  This is
  useful for application to synchronize card's authentication status.

After this release, I branched off STABLE-BRANCH-1-0, and resumed
further development of Gnuk in master branch.

Here are some links for Gnuk and FST-01 (the hardware). 

Gnuk Repository:

Gnuk News:

FST-01 introduction:

FST-01 Q&A site:

Japanese Documentation for FST-01 and Gnuk Token:


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