Bug 1479: GnuPG curl-shim TCP half-close harms HTTP interop

David Shaw dshaw at jabberwocky.com
Thu Feb 28 04:06:08 CET 2013

On Feb 27, 2013, at 7:38 PM, Phil Pennock <gnupg-devel at spodhuis.org> wrote:

> I've filed an issue to ensure this can be tracked, with a hope of
> getting it resolved before the next release of GnuPG.
>  https://bugs.g10code.com/gnupg/issue1479
> TCP half-close is, to me, sane and rational, but it is a grey area in
> HTTP and the nginx developers are probably not alone in treating it as
> "probably a connection abort, stop the proxying".  Getting curl-shim to
> behave more like cURL itself, which does not use TCP half-closes, will
> lead to the most interoperable outcome.

Interesting.  This sounded so familiar, I did some digging and sure enough - it's bug 739:


Looks like that bug was fixed on 1.4 and for some reason it didn't make it into 2.0.


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