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Am Fr 21.12.2012, 12:30:43 schrieb Bernhard Reiter:

> Still I have seen numerous installations where setup
> or basic administration issues were faulty, resulting
> in bad user experiences. And they are even unfortunate
> because the technology of GnuPG would have allowed
> to configure and use it in a better way. It mainly is
> lack of knowledge.

as you may know from the users mailing list I am working on something by the 
idea "increase the use of OpenPGP by increasing knowledge about it", too:


This had a focus different from yours and will be limited to Germany / German 
at least for a while but I am willing to help towards your project.

> To give one example I recently saw Kontact on OpenSuse 12.2
> where they stil are unable to start a gnupg-agent by default.
> Simple thing that worsens the experience a lot.

Really? In which way? I am annoyed because it seems not to be possible to 
configure openSUSE to start gpg-agent with SSH. Instead ssh-agent is started 
as a seperate process. IIRC this was different in earlier versions. I admit I 
have not complained about that in the bugtracking system yet.

> It takes a bit to maintain, spam fighting

Really? If editing requires an OpenPGP key? ;-)

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