Supporting fixed length keypad input

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On Wed, Jan 09, 2013 at 10:23:21AM +0100, Werner Koch wrote:
> However, we
> can put an URL into the "please enter your pin at pinpad" pop up
> messages so that the user will be able to find out what to do in cases
> he has not only digits in his PIN.  I consider a URL better than a fixed
> text due to getext issues and an easier way to update this information.

gettext comes with problems. Yes. But from a usability perspective, I
do not like URLs too much.

Consider using GnuPG in places where there simply is no internet

Additionally, whether it does or does not make sense in their
scenario, some people are instructing others to unplug their computers
from the internet when doing OpenPGP stuff or to use a separate
unconnected computer. Presenting those users with an URL is somewhat

So even if you choose provide an URL, please also provide a short
textual description of the hint for offline users. So for example what
about unconditionally attaching a hint like

  If your PIN contains characters that are not present on your Keypad,
  pass the --disable-keypad option to scdaemon to enter the PIN using
  your computer's keyboard.

. This should give users enough clues on how to proceed and to find
relevant information in man-pages, help files (or even using their
preferred search engine).

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