Passphrase in addition to Fingerprint

Thorsten Sick thorsten.sick at
Mon Jul 8 18:05:21 CEST 2013


The normal Fingerprint is hard to remember and must be exchanged using a
printed out version. It would be cool to also have an easy to remember
fingerprint phrase calculated out of the Fingerprint.

"twenty annoying green elephants dance in china"

Where a small change in the fingerprint changes the whole phrase and the
sentence has at least some natural structure. To achieve that use
bulding blocks with word lists. So the "twenty annoying" is from a long
list also containing "two hundred", "2 drunken", ...
The sentence could split like that into building blocks:
"twenty annoying| green| elephants| dance| in china"

People should be able to remeber their "passphrase" and when meeting
they jsut could ask "what was you phrase again" "five aggressive
penguins attack harmless hamsters" ?

See this bug at:

Thorsten Sick

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