phrase "UNTRUSTED good signature" is dangerously misleading

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Sat Jul 13 19:01:32 CEST 2013

Am Sa 13.07.2013, 12:36:03 schrieb Daniel Kahn Gillmor:

> i've seen this exact same mistake made by at least two other people who
> were well-intentioned and somewhat knowledgeable.

I believe the wording is a problem; I may have mentioned that here before. The 
term "trust" confuses more or less everyone (once I even found a mix up in the 
GnuPG docs...). It should simply be forbidden to use the term "trust" at all. 
"owner trust" is not better as this is not about the owner but about the key.

I suggest to call this either "certification trust" or (getting rid of "trust" 
completely) "certification value", "certification quality" or the like.

I would also prefer not to use "marginal" and "complete" in both contexts. 
Maybe validity classes can be called "none", "not enough", and "enough".

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