using Callback Based Data Buffers with Java

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jul 16 07:44:22 CEST 2013

On Tue, 16 Jul 2013 03:19, hans at said:

> Ok, that makes sense.  So I have to figure out the proper way here.  I'm using
> gpgme_data_new_from_stream() in gpgmeDataNewFromFilename():

Which is merly a wrapper around stdio streams (fopen,fread,fwrite,fclose).

> Then in gpgmeDataRelease(), I believe I'm responsible for closing that stream.


>  So I need to maintain the FILE *stream outside of gpgme_data_t?  I looked
> around a lot for examples of code that uses gpgme_data_new_from_stream() and
> gpgme_data_new_from_cbs() but didn't find any. I'd love some pointers for that.

An example for the latter is gpgme/tests/gpg/t-encrypt-large.c .

More complex examples are in gpgol.  For example gpgol/src/pgpmime.c or



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