gpgme function idea: gpgme_signers_len()

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jun 18 10:30:57 CEST 2013

On Thu,  6 Jun 2013 00:01, hans at said:
> I have found that it was necessary to check whether there are any Signers in
> the GnuPGContext in order to select whether to run gpgme_op_encrypt() vs
> gpgme_op_encrypt_sign().  This makes it possible to have gnupg-for-java's
> encrypt() method automatically sign if there are signers present in the
> GnuPGContext.

Makes sense.  I used a different name, though:

 -- Function: unsigned int gpgme_signers_count (const gpgme_ctx_t CTX)
     The function `gpgme_signers_count' returns the number of signer
     keys in the context CTX.

Just pushed.



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