NeuG 0.06 and Gnuk 1.0.4

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Fri Mar 15 09:14:54 CET 2013

NeuG 0.06 and Gnuk 1.0.4 were released.

NeuG is an implementation of True Random Number Generator based on
quantization error of ADC of STM32F103.

Gnuk is an implementation of Cryptographic Token for GnuPG, and it
runs on STM32F103.

There are mostly no user visible changes, but maintenance of related

Highlights of Gnuk are:

* Relocatable reGNUal

  The upgrade helper, reGNUal, is now relocatable (other than the
  first vector table).  It runs well when loaded at different address.
  This makes the upgrade procedure more stable.

* Compilation by newer GNU Toolchain

  Now, Gnuk can be compiled with newer GNU Toolchain, specifically
  gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_7-2012q4 (of GCC 4.7.x and GNU Binutils 2.22).
  Old versions of Gnuk had problem for
  ChibiOS_2.0.8/os/ports/GCC/ARMCMx/cmsis/core_cm3.c, which was

* Data object 0x0073

  Data object 0x0073 is now available.

Here are some links for Gnuk and FST-01 (the hardware). 

Gnuk Repository:

Gnuk News:

FST-01 introduction:

FST-01 Q&A site:

Japanese Documentation for FST-01 and Gnuk Token:

Since the machine which runs will be gone this month,
you will be not able to access to the site for a while.  We have a
plan to migrate to another machine.


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