AW: [PATCH] UTF8 Filenames under Windows

Tobias tobias at
Wed May 15 20:55:14 CEST 2013

>> As GnuPG’s command line does not support UTF 16 filenames, all filenames must be encoded in UTF8.

>As with all Unix tools, gpg does not interpret the filename but assumes
>that it is a plain C string.  The only character which a special meaning
>is the '/'.  Under Windows the drive letter and the backslash are
>treated similar to the slash.

>> Attached is a patch for the GnuPG 1.4 branch, that converts all paths
>> from UTF8 to UTF16 and pass them to Windows Wide API.

>If we want to do that we would need to change a lot more places.  The
>patch is also not correct, because it has no error checking and assumes
>UTF-8 encoded filenames.

thanks for your feedback.
An error checking could be added easily, 
but know I understand that using always UTF8 will cause compatibility problems in codepage-aware environments (eg. CP862 - Hebrew).

So Windows stays a difficult platform when running GnuPG with Asian characters.


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