NeuG 1.0 and its standalone device

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Mon Nov 11 09:06:49 CET 2013

Today is 11-11 (or still 11-10 for different time zones), and we
celebrate zero and one.

NeuG 1.0 was released.  NeuG is an implementation of True Random
Number Generator based on quantization error of ADC of STM32F103.

Original intention of NeuG development was using it as a part of Gnuk,
but we also have standalone USB CDC-ACM version now.  You can get
random stream from /dev/ttyACM0.  Standalone version is useful to feed
entropy to /dev/random on GNU/Linux.  Its generation speed is around

The output has been tested NIST STS 2.1.1, Dieharder 3.31.1, TestU01
1.2.3 and PractRand 0.90.

Highlights are:

* Upgrade of Chopstx (the thread library)

  Now, we use Chopstx 0.03.

* Stabilize the upgrade process

  For firmware upgrade, it has been unstable somehow and it has been
  recommended not to access its stream (/dev/ttyACM0) before running  This bug was fixed in 1.0, and it's more stable.

* Add support of Fraucheky

  Fraucheky is a GPL container which makes sure to deliver GPL to users.

It is only for Japan domestic, but I started to sell NeuG standalone
device as a kind of outreach program for spreading idea of
cryptography and concept of a product which respects users' computing
freedom.  (in Japanese)

Here are some links for NeuG, Gnuk and FST-01 (the hardware). 

NeuG (under Gnuk Repository):

Gnuk News:

FST-01 introduction:

FST-01 Q&A site:

Japanese Documentation for FST-01 and Gnuk Token:


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