Destroyed OpenPGP v2 Card?

Jared Baldridge jrb at
Thu Nov 21 06:19:42 CET 2013

Due to an unfortunate scripting incident, I seem to have exceeded the
maximum number of retries for PW3 on an OpenPGP Card v2 (ATR 3B DA 18 FF 81
B1 FE 75 1F 03 00 31 C5 73 C0 01 40 00 90 00 0C) with 3 empty key data

When attempting to reset the card by sending a TERMINATE DF, I receive 6A
88, Referenced Data Not found. Does TERMINATE DF depend on the key data
objects being populated? If so, should I relegate this card to the rubbish
bin? It seems most any command sent to the card receives a status of 6A 88.

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