Checking key server response against the request parameters

John Clizbe John at
Mon Sep 16 00:29:13 CEST 2013

Stefan Tomanek wrote:
> Dies schrieb Stefan Tomanek (tomanek at
>> While working with the gnupg source code, I noticed that gnupg does not take
>> the query itself into consideration when retrieving key data from a server
>> (--search-key, --recv-key); regardless of the query issued, gnupg will happily
>> import anything returned.
> I just noticed that gnupg will even import secret keys from any keyserver
> response if the key data is prefixed with "BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY DATA".
> My newly submitted patch (v2) fixes this issue as well.
> Any feedback is welcome :-)

It looks like you are working from a solution back to a problem instead of
from a problem to a solution.

Before you need this solution, you need to be able to fetch a secret key from
a keyserver, and before you can do that, you need a keyserver that will accept
and store a secret key. None that I know of will (PKS, CKS, ONAK, OpenPKSd,
SKS, LDAP implementations).

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