Should I mark/announce GNOME as incompatible with gpg2 for now?

Stef Walter stef at
Thu Aug 28 12:46:01 CEST 2014

Hey guys,

I noticed this commit:

It seems that you don't want gpg2 used with GNOME 3.x as is (in its
default configuration).

Should I go ahead and announce that gpg2 (version 2.0.23+) is
incompatible with GNOME and people should USE gnupg 1.4.x with GNOME 3.x
for now?

I know Werner and I discussed solutions to this issue a more than a year
ago, but obviously neither of us has had enough time to make the changes

To summarize, either:

a. gnupg needs to integrate with GNOME 3 (prompt via gnome-shell, and
   give the option to save passwords in the keyring) and gnome-keyring
   can then drop its gpg-agent implementation, as its features would now
   be found elsewhere.


b.  gnome-keyring needs to run a proper gpg-agent and proxy all the
   commands to it, intercepting the commands it needs in order to
   implement its features. This would still be "hijacking" ...
   whatever that means :/

I'd far prefer option (a) above. Any takers for implementing either one
of the above?



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