Gnuk 1.1.4

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Mon Dec 15 09:00:47 CET 2014


Because GnuGP 2.1 offers ECC, I enabled ECC on Gnuk.  Upon release of
newer gcc-arm-embedded, it's good season to build newer Gnuk.

Still, we need some fixes of GnuPG (because of private key format
change during our development of GnuPG), but that's not larger now and
it's going to be merged soon.

We don't yet have standardized protocol of ECC for smartcard/token,
but since we now have working example of gpg-agent protocol, we can
evaluate the implementation of Gnuk.

Here is the announcement.



Gnuk version 1.1.4 is released.

This is another experimental release of version 1.1.x series.

Because of the incompatible change to 1.0 series, please refer new
documentation for instructions of how to use Gnuk Token.
(New documentation can be used for 1.0.x, too.)

* Gnuk Documentation:

Here are highlights.

* Experimental RSA-4096 support.

  Although it takes too long (more than 8.7 second), RSA-4096
  is now implemented.

* ECDH support.

  ECDH is now supported.  You need development branch (master)
  of GnuPG to use this feature.

* ECDSA and EdDSA is not that experimental.

  You don't need to edit DEFS variable in src/Makefile.

* STM8S_DISCOVERY is not supported any more.

  It's flash ROM size (64KiB) is a bit small to have all features of
  Gnuk now.  If you manually edit code to limit the size of executable,
  it still could run Gnuk, though.

* configure's default target is now FST-01.

  Receiving reports from those who complain default target, I
  reconsidered.  Those who has Olimex STM32 H103 usually has JTAG
  debugger, while FST-01 users don't.  So, to be safe, the default
  target is now FST-01, instead of Olimex STM32 H103.


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