gpgme "Locate engine names only at runtime and prefer GnuPG-2" commit break Android

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Feb 20 17:18:50 CET 2014

On Thu, 20 Feb 2014 16:30, hans at said:

> In this situation, PATH won't do anything useful by default on Android.
> Android is not UNIX, apps do not install things into the PATH.  Also, apps are

You mean gpgconf is not installed in a directory listed by PATH?  Well,
then why not hard code the directory for Android?

> not supposed to change env vars, that's inherited from Java, which only has
> getenv(), no setenv().

> A hard-coded path to each thing that gpgme calls is the best approach that I
> can think of for Android.  While technically possible to change the PATH, we

Okay - which path?  Build time configuration or runtime configuration?
A fixed directory for Android seems to be the best appraoch

> have wasted sooooo many hours with kludges like that.  Its not the right
> approach for Android.

PATH is a standard Unix and Windows feature to locate executables.

> to either implement gpgme in Java, or even better, implement a library that
> talks directly to gpg-agent via assuan like the gpg command line do.  There

Actually gpgme is such a library.



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