Adding the secp256k1 curve for ECDSA

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Wed Jan 15 01:58:57 CET 2014

On 2014-01-14 at 13:38 +0000, Martin Paljak wrote:
> Once you get to actually extending electrum, keep me posted. I thought
> about doing it once a year or two ago for a smart card applet, but did
> not do it.


> I found that doing refactoring of not well known python code is way
> more complicated than Java (or C)...

I think that the protocol of gpg-agent is clear, and the another one
of OpenPGP card specification is also clear, there would be no
fundamental difficulty.

Speaking about taste, I don't want to use Java for signing.  Using the
code of ECDSA running by Python interpreter is the thing to avoid for
me, either.  I don't evaluate how much risk it would have, though.

I prefer the approach of gpgme and gpg-agent (although I would
directly connect to gpg-agent), the model where a process handles
secure operations (and some device (such as Gnuk Token) can be
connected, specifically for helping these operations).  I don't feel
easy when a library handles secure data directly (for interactive
usage), if there would be some other ambitious activities such as
conservative garbage collection.

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