Catch 22 in ECC support of OpenPGP?

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Fri Jan 31 04:46:57 CET 2014

Hello, Andrey and Werner,
Cc-ed to GnuPG Development List.

I'm currently considering adding other curves and EdDSA signature
scheme to Gnuk.  I'm also considering update of GnuPG's smartcard
support for ECC.

I think that adding curves would be no problem against RFC6637, as OID
is unique.  Currently, development version of GnuPG supports curves
defined by RFC6637 as well as three curves of Brainpool, and

I think that adding new signature scheme requires its algorithm ID.

Writing this mail today, I did some research.  Then, I found the
discussion in OpenPGP at

(1) Possible algorithm ID 22 for ECDH+ECDSA:

(2) Possible algorithm ID 22 for EdDSA:

It's better to sort it out now.

   Algorithm ID 22 for ECDH+ECDSA
   Algorithm ID 23 for EdDSA


Sorry for interference, but I need Algorithm ID 22 (and 23) defined,

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