gpgsm issueing two concurrent passphrase requests fails

Alfred Ganz alfred-ganz+gpg at
Thu Jul 10 21:28:41 CEST 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I just noticed that I had not included the gpgsm command in my previous
message. The commands which I executed in a separate window are:
  source ~/.gpg-agent-info
  gpgsm --import ssh-key.p12
and it is after this command there exists a hanging pinentry. If I kill
the pinentry from yet another window, gpgsm ends with:
gpgsm: gpg-protect-tool: error while asking for the passphrase: Incomplete line passed to IPC
gpgsm: error running `/usr/libexec/gpg-protect-tool': exit status 2
gpgsm: total number processed: 0

Sorry for not including the above in my original message, AG

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