integrating Android into the GnuPG workflow

Hans of Guardian hans at
Sun Mar 2 18:51:37 CET 2014

Hey Werner,

I'm hoping that the Android port can be considered an official port of GnuPG, at the very least in terms of the code that's in the repos, but also for the whole package.

I've set up our Jenkins build server to build each commit to the repos so that there is automatic feedback when a commit breaks the Android build.

Right now, I've also been manually following up on those, which takes a fair amount of time.  And the longer build stays broken on Android, then updating the GPGA app to the latest code becomes in effect a new porting effort.

So I wanted to discuss what needs to happen to smooth out this process.  We have contributing a little bit of funding, and we are hoping to contribute more in the future, that always helps.  But I think it would be good to also discuss how we can make this process more efficient so that the Android port can stay up-to-date in the time between funding.


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