integrating Android into the GnuPG workflow

Hans of Guardian hans at
Sat Mar 8 03:32:39 CET 2014

On Mar 7, 2014, at 7:59 AM, Werner Koch wrote:

> On Sun,  2 Mar 2014 18:51, hans at said:
>> I've set up our Jenkins build server to build each commit to the repos so that there is automatic feedback when a commit breaks the Android build.
> I have noticed mails from the buold server ending up in my spam folder.
> Need to see what is the ause for that.  

Those emails are sent from root at since that is an email account that we actually check (a list actually).  If someone gets one of those emails without knowing where it came from, they can reply and we will get that email.

>> Right now, I've also been manually following up on those, which takes
>> a fair amount of time.  And the longer build stays broken on Android,
>> then updating the GPGA app to the latest code becomes in effect a new
>> porting effort.
> With the build service it will be easy to fix build breaks but doing
> functional tests is a different thing.

Ok, so its currently feasible for GnuPG committers to handle fixing build breaks as they happen?  If so, that's good news.  Most of the GnuPG test suite is currently running as part of the Jenkins builds, so that should help.  We do need to write more tests for the Android-specific side of things.


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