integrating Android into the GnuPG workflow

Hans of Guardian hans at
Sat Mar 8 19:02:35 CET 2014

On Mar 8, 2014, at 5:25 AM, Werner Koch wrote:

> On Sat,  8 Mar 2014 03:32, hans at said:
>> Ok, so its currently feasible for GnuPG committers to handle fixing
>> build breaks as they happen?  If so, that's good news.  Most of the
> Yes, the next task will be to add a configure option to build without
> libiconv.

I don't know m4, so I can't help much there.  Oddly, it sounds like building GnuPG for Windows and Android will have a lot of parallels.  (Or is Windows using iconv?).

For for anyone committing to GnuPG, feel free to send me questions about GPG on Android, whether by email, IRC, XMPP, etc.


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