Strange sizeofs

Werner Koch wk at
Sat May 3 12:24:59 CEST 2014

On Sat,  3 May 2014 01:49, lrn1986 at said:
> gen-w32-lock-obj in libgpg-error generates code that looks like this:
>> sizeof CRITICAL_SECTION = 24
> What is that supposed to mean? Is this some kind of MSVC feature that i don't
> know of?

  printf ("sizeof CRITICAL_SECTION = %u\n", (int)sizeof (CRITICAL_SECTION));
  printf ("sizeof    _gpgrt_lock_t = %u\n", (int)sizeof lk);

is easy to read code to print the size of a CRITICAL_SECTION.  And no,
we don't support building nativly on Window.
src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.mingw32.h is the actual file I created manually
with the help of that little helper.



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