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Werner Koch wk at
Mon May 26 17:35:28 CEST 2014


due to the high charges Paypal takes for donations via their system and
because Paypal is anyway not the Right Thing for privacy aware people, I
started some work to accept standard credit card donations.  I decided
on Stripe as Payment processor due to their clean API and nice

Stripe is different from PayPal in that our website needs to charge the
card itself and not delegate the entire process to PP.  To avoid storing
or even receiving credit card numbers at, the “checkout”
method is used: The browser connects directly to Stripe and a Javascript
asks you for the card details.  Stripe then calls the CGI with a
one-use-only token, representing the card information.  The CGI at in turn connects payprocd (a local daemon) which performs the
actual transaction using that token.  The use of Javascript is a bit
unfortunate but I feel safer doing it this way.

Things probably need to be improved but I am confident enough to set it
alive.  Just in case you anyway want to donate to GnuPG with a credit
card, you may now use

If you have any suggestion (apart from the ugly CSS), please report them
here.  The code is at


(in particular cgi/ and web/donate/) and at 




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