gnupg 2.1 vs rpmsign

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Nov 24 16:10:23 CET 2014

On Mon, 24 Nov 2014 13:25, dimitri.j.ledkov at said:

> Hm, thanks. However reading the man page --batch --passphrase-fd 3
> should still work in GnuPG 2.1, no?

I think so, It behaves slightly different than in 1.4 and it has not
been tested extensively.

> I'm also getting "gpg: setting pinentry mode 'loopback' failed: Not
> supported" which seems odd to me, is my gpg2 or pinentry miscompiled?

This is implemented on the Assuan layer between gpg and gpg-agent:

     This option is used to change the operation mode of the pinentry.
     The following values are defined:

          This is the default mode which pops up a pinentry as needed.

          Instead of popping up a pinentry, return the error code

          Instead of popping up a pinentry, return the error code

          Use a loopback pinentry.  This fakes a pinentry by using
          inquiries   back to the caller to ask for a passphrase.  This
          option may only be   set if the agent has been configured for
          that.    Use the *Note option --allow-loopback-pinentry::.

... which you need to put into gpg-agent.conf:

     Allow clients to use the loopback pinentry features; see the option
     `pinentry-mode' for details.

(but remove the two dashes)



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