gnupg beta packaging for debian/ubuntu [was: Re: Why 2.1 is delayed for so long]

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Wed Oct 1 16:20:25 CEST 2014

On 10/01/2014 07:19 AM, Chuck Peters wrote:
> Daniel Kahn Gillmor said:
>> I've packaged the latest beta for gnupg 2.1, with the idea of shipping
>> it in debian experimental, but i'm reluctant to distribute it in debian
>> yet for a couple reasons (which i'll go into below, thanks for prompting
>> me to write this up).
> Great, I look forward to trying it out.  I would also like to make it 
> available in a Launchpad PPA for other Ubuntu users to try out.

that sounds great, but please be aware of the issues raised earlier, in
particular the dirmngr concerns.

>> If you want to build and install it yourself, you should be able to do
>> so from git (the repo is about 25MiB):
>>  git clone git://
>>  cd gnupg2
>>  git checkout upstream-2.1
>>  git checkout pristine-tar
>>  git checkout experimental
>>  git-buildpackage -uc -us
>> This should produce .deb files for you in ../
> On Ubuntu Trusty, or 14.04, and we have dependency issues with curl and 
> the older libgnutls.  When I build the beta with ./configure ; make ; 
> make install it works fine except that I needed to install the newer 
> libgpg-error-dev and libgpg-error0 from Debian.  In 2007 Eric Dorland 
> added the libcurl4-gnutls-dev build dep.
>   * debian/control:
>     - Add libcurl4-gnutls-dev build dep, to use the real curl.
> I haven't figure out why we need to the older GnuTLS yet and I would 
> like to minimize the number of depends in the PPA to avoid other 
> possible issues.  Do you have any suggestions?

you shouldn't need to use the older gnutls, which is unsupported
upstream -- if at all possible, please use gnutls 3.x.  I don't know
enough about ubuntu's gnutls packaging to know what you're running into
here though, hopefully someone with more ubuntu knowledge can weigh in.

> I'm sure I'll have more questions, for example are you planning on 
> including a gpgtar man page?

i don't think we're currently shipping gpgtar at all, let alone a
manpage for it.

We do aim to ship man pages for all executables we ship, as part of
debian policy, but i don't think anyone has made a manpage for gpgtar
yet.  ideally, that sort of thing would be contributed upstream, maybe
as doc/gpgtar.texi?


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