[Pkg-gnupg-maint] libgpg-error symbol visibility

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Fri Sep 12 19:25:48 CEST 2014

On 09/12/2014 12:50 PM, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> In gmane.comp.encryption.gpg.devel Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg at fifthhorseman.net> wrote:
>> Is there a way that we can avoid this tighter versioned dependency and
>> still avoid the warning messages shown above, or should we just accept
>> the tight dependency and move forward?
> I think that is the correct thing to do, and it should not bother
> us at Debian a lot. Our users will never see the warning message since
> packages built against the newer gpg-error will depend on it and
> packages built against the old one will not show the warning either.
> (I have not actually run any tests to verify this, but I guess  you
> did.)

Thanks for weighing in on this, Andreas, it's good to have your perspective.

I did indeed test these different scenarios, and they play out as you

Unless someone from Debian's pkg-gnupg team speaks up with new concerns
today, i'll probably go ahead with an upload of 1.15 to debian unstable



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