Debian GnuPG BoF video at DebConf 14

Eric Dorland eric at
Mon Sep 15 05:54:49 CEST 2014

Hi Werner et al,

It may be of interest to the wider GnuPG development community,
there was a BoF on GnuPG in Debian at DebConf 14 a couple of
weeks ago. There's a video of it available here:

One thing that came out of the discussion was a fair amount of
consensus that we should move gnupg2 as the default. Also we're hoping
to get gnupg2.1 into experimental to try to get more testing and work
out any upgrade issues.

And Werner, in case you don't watch the video, near the end someone
asks if we could invite you to next year's DebConf. I think that's a
great idea. DebConf 15 will take place in Heidelberg August
15-22. While it's a bit early to start planning, we hope you can come.

Eric Dorland <eric at>
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