can't build master: es_poll_t type is unknown in common/sh-exectool.{c, h}

Justus Winter justus at
Fri Dec 11 11:21:08 CET 2015

Hi Daniel,

Quoting Daniel Kahn Gillmor (2015-12-11 02:22:19)
> i can't build from the current master because of errors having to do
> with es_poll_t in common/sh-exectool.{c,h}, which seems to have been
> introduced without any declaration of the type in
> 2ae07f826aa551db8adf714158fce962790a6b54 and
> a81aca6e1c2a4529d416d1989f15d7338d2ee81e.

Yeah, that is my fault.  I merged code from Werner using the new type
and didn't realize that I need to bump NEED_GPG_ERROR_VERSION.  The
new type is introduced in the yet unreleased libgpg-error 1.21.

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