Gpg 2.1.10 - Invalid error with --encrypt-to

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Sat Dec 12 18:27:18 CET 2015

Using GnuPG 2.1.10 with --encrypt-to brings wrong error messages. An
example can be found here:

Another example is this one:

Using gpg2 --encrypt-to 0x4F9F89F5505AC1D1A260631CDB1187B9DD5F693B \
  -r someone - e

Results in the following error message, which I consider wrong:

gpg: key specification '0x4F9F89F5505AC1D1A260631CDB1187B9DD5F693B' is
gpg: (check argument of option '--encrypt-to')
gpg: '0x4F9F89F5505AC1D1A260631CDB1187B9DD5F693B' matches at least:
gpg:   4F9F89F5505AC1D1A260631CDB1187B9DD5F693B
gpg:   4F9F89F5505AC1D1A260631CDB1187B9DD5F693B

Result of gpg2 --list-keys 0x4F9F89F5505AC1D1A260631CDB1187B9DD5F693B:

pub   rsa4096/DD5F693B 2015-01-17 [expires: 2025-01-14]
uid         [  full  ] Patrick Brunschwig <patrick at>
uid         [  full  ] Patrick Brunschwig <patrick at>
uid         [  full  ] [jpeg image of size 13251]
sub   rsa4096/4E4953D8 2015-01-17 [expires: 2018-01-16]


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