Gpg 2.1.10 - Invalid error with --encrypt-to

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Dec 15 14:20:56 CET 2015

On Tue, 15 Dec 2015 04:37, dkg at said:

> actually.  Is it possible that the logic for stepping through the keydb
> (whether keybox or keyring) has changed subtly, particularly when the
> specification used is a fingerprint?

It is due to the new code to check the supplied arguments for valid keys
etc.  It now does a key DB search very early and exhibits existing
problems in a key DB as well as it introduced new bugs.  For example I
was not able to sign the released tarball with that versions w/o using a
workaround.  I nevertheless continued with the release given that this
release was late anyway and I expect that more bugs will show up which
we need to fix in 2.1.11.  Our resources for testing are still limited
and thus we need the help from our fearless users.

One of the problems is the case where an offline primary key is
specified for certain options.  This has meanwhile been fixed in the
repo and I actually wonder that we did not received more complaints.



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