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Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Mon Feb 9 20:53:46 CET 2015

I maintain a couple of small libre tools that are in use in the digital forensics community, and there’s been some interest in getting them packaged up as .debs and .rpms.  Unfortunately, this is a skill that I haven’t really picked up.  There are a lot of resources available online, some quite new and some quite old, and some that are infuriatingly incomplete (like the two days I spent trying to generate GnuPG signatures for an RPM, only to discover that for some reason RPM refuses to support DSA keys and none of the resources I was checking documented this).

There are a fair number of people on this list who have recent experience with Debian and/or Fedora packaging.  If you could please email me, *off-list*, with your recommendations for current, up-to-date, and useful documentation, I’d appreciate it quite a bit.

Thank you all, and I apologize for the off-topic post.  :)
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