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Fri Feb 13 20:33:31 CET 2015

On Fri, 13 Feb 2015 06:01, lists-gnupgdev at said:

> gpg already has enough options beside "the" standard. Thats what the
> --opengpg option is for anyway.

There is one standard but there are things which are open for
interpretation.  All the compatibility options still create valid
OpenPGP data but in a way that for example PGP-6 can work with it.

> There is simple no point to restrict gpg (the application) for a 
> usecase where the standard is itself not fit for purpose anymore.
> Especially as it becomes somehow lesser relevant anyway.

So you think that S/MIME (CMS+X.509) is more up to the task?  Having
implemented both I doubt that that but your mileage may very.

I am not aware of any other encryption standard for offline

> different one have moved on (for example I am quite happily using BC
> for example (but this is also due to the better java integration).


bc (1)               - An arbitrary precision calculator language

I don't understand.



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