gnupg2: occasionally runs for 30 seconds at 100% CPU [was: Re: Bug#760102: gnome keyring & gpg agent]

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Fri Jun 5 16:01:03 CEST 2015

Hi Michael--

On Fri 2015-06-05 04:16:26 -0400, Michael Biebl wrote:
> Am 05.06.2015 um 10:01 schrieb Daniel Kahn Gillmor:
>> On Fri 2015-06-05 03:07:22 -0400, Michael Biebl wrote:
>>> Daniel, on a related note, is it possible that gpg2 much slower then the
>>> older gpg v1?
>> It seems unlikely to me that this would be the case, but maybe it is.
>> What version of gpg2 are you running?
> 2.0.28-1

thanks, can you give me a sense of the size of your public keyring and
the number of elements in it?

  gpg2 --list-keys --with-colons | cut -f1 -d: | sort | uniq -c
  gpg2 --list-secret-keys --with-colons | cut -f1 -d: | sort | uniq -c

and can you tell me whether you have no-auto-check-trustdb in
~/.gnupg/gpg.conf ?

>>> It often happens here that Thunderbird (using enigmail) hangs for 30secs
>>> and I have a gpg2 process at 100% CPU. I never saw that behaviour with
>>> gpg v1.
>> What version of thunderbird?  what version of enigmail?
> Thunderbird 31.7.0, Enigmail 1.8.2

Thanks.  The next time this hang happens, can you use ps to figure out
what the exact command line is that is running, and report it here?
This might be an enigmail issue, so if we can find anything to improve
there, that would be great.  (i'm happy to forward the bug to enigmail
upstream if we track it down)


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