[PATCH] Add inside-Emacs mode to GUI pinentry programs

Daiki Ueno ueno at gnu.org
Fri Jun 12 13:15:25 CEST 2015

"Neal H. Walfield" <neal at walfield.org> writes:

>> I postpone this for now, since it turned out that it requires a change
>> in GnuPG.
> Is any change actually required on the pinentry side?  If gpg-agent
> doesn't pass the INSIDE_EMACS environment variable through, then emacs
> support is automatically disabled.

INSIDE_EMACS is a standardized variable, which is also set by
shell-mode, eshell, tramp, etc., as well as epg.el and pinentry.el.

With the patch, those major-modes will also benefit, while some users
don't want to enable the feature automatically.  So I think a separate
option is inevitable here.

>> +/* Enable pinentry command handler which interacts with Emacs, if
>> +   INSIDE_EMACS envvar is set.  This function should be called once,
>> +   right before pinentry_loop call.  */
>> +void pinentry_enable_emacs_cmd_handler (void);
> I'm not convinced that this is the right construct.  Why don't we just
> let pinentry_parse_opts do this.

Good idea, but given that the option is supposed to be implemented as an
Assuan option instead of a Pinentry option, I am not sure if the
pinentry_parse_opts is the right place to do that.

Perhaps we could integrate it into pinentry_loop?

> Also, why don't you modify the curses and tty frontends to support
> emacs?

I just forgot that, since the implementation started based on the curses
fallback.  I will send a new patch soon.

Daiki Ueno

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