excessive usage of /dev/random?

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at cs.auckland.ac.nz
Tue May 5 13:43:50 CEST 2015

Werner Koch <wk at gnupg.org> writes:

>Note that in my use the acronym CSPRNG stands for "Continuously Seeded
>PseudoRandom Number Generator" as used in Peter's implementation of the paper
>and not only for "Cryptographically Secure PseudoRandom Number Generator".

I should note that the use of "Continuously Seeded" is due to Hugo Krawczyk,
who pointed out that "Cryptographically Strong" isn't really appropriate since
we don't have any provably cryptographically strong generators (well, you can
argue about BBS I guess...), while "Continuously Seeded" more closely reflects
the way it works.


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