removing pinentry's subdirectories from git: debian/ gtk/ qt/

Werner Koch wk at
Fri May 15 13:18:13 CEST 2015

On Thu, 14 May 2015 15:41, dimitri.j.ledkov at said:

> Thus dead stuff should never be in the current commited HEAD.

It is not dead.  I am a heavy user of tags and thus I need all source to
be available.  It is just easier during development.  You may have
noticed that the keyserver directory has gone from gnupg after most of
the helper haven been merged into dirmngr.  The same is going on for
Pinentry, Neal is about to remove Gtk 1 and Qt3 versions but that is
not finished.

> It is confusing for new developers when poking things to see what's
> actually currently in use...

That is easy to see because you won't see the directories in your build.
If you do not use VPATH builds you have a lot of other problems.  ;-)

> Also, i am a strong believer that VCS checkout should match verbantim
> a "release tarball", and release tarballs shouldn't have any on the

I see we disagree here.  There are too many local configuration options
which make this impossible.  This is why we have release tarballs which
are complete with a higher probability. (cf "make distcheck").



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