[PATCH] agent, gpg: Forward progress output for --gen-key

Daiki Ueno ueno at gnu.org
Sun Nov 1 02:53:06 CET 2015


I noticed that gpg --gen-key does not output any progress feedback, even
when it is invoked with --enable-progress-filter, despite the mention of
it in doc/DETAILS:

  *** PROGRESS <what> <char> <cur> <total>
      Well known values for WHAT are:

             - pk_dsa   :: DSA key generation
             - pk_elg   :: Elgamal key generation
             - primegen :: Prime generation
             - need_entropy :: Waiting for new entropy in the RNG

With the attached patch, gpg-agent connects to the libgcrypt's progress
handler and forward the output to the caller, and gpg writes it if
requested.  I think this would also give GPGME an opportunity to
terminate the running gpg process with gpgme_cancel:


(If I understand correctly, GPGME does not explictly kill the running gpg
process, but expects that it is terminated on write error.)

Daiki Ueno
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