TOFU code available

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Oct 2 12:12:13 CEST 2015

On Thu,  1 Oct 2015 23:17, neal at said:

> I now have an almost complete version of the TOFU code available for
> testing.  I've pushed it to the neal/next branch.  I'd appreciate if
> people would try it.


> The main missing bit is the mechanism to normalize email addresses.
> Currently, I simply ASCII lower-case the local part.  However, I want
> to use the locale independent case folding data [1] and specially

I don't think that this is a good idea.  There are no fixed rules and
the scheme is quite complicated.  We have seen to many problem with that
in the past and they won't go away.  Further, it is only common use to
not distinguish case in mail addresses.  The RFCs tell us that only
"Postmaster" mus be recognized case-insensitive.  But agreed, most users
don't know about this and thus almost all MTA ignore the case of the
local part.

It is good to lowercase ASCII characters because that is well defined
iff "C" is assumed as locale.

If people want to use non-ascii mail addresses we better don't try to be
too smart and take them verbatim.

> handle gmail addresses (e.g., dots are simply ignored).  If you are
> aware of existing code that would help me do either of these things,

At our meeting on Wednesday we discussed this and my point was that if
we do this, we should do it in the same way Google handles addresses
in their forthcoming OpenPGP service.



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