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On 10/20/2015 07:44 PM, Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> On 10/20/15, Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg at> wrote:
>> On Mon 2015-10-19 10:54:49 -0400, Malte wrote:
>>> On Monday 19 October 2015 15:03 Werner Koch wrote:
>>>> This is not complete because DNS lookups are leaking.  This
>>>> could be fixed […]
>>> Maybe Kristian Fiskerstrand would be willing to set up an Onion
>>> Service for the SKS-Pool that could be used by default?
>> I don't think this makes much sense -- there are already
>> keyservers that offer hidden services (e.g.
>> qdigse2yzvuglcix.onion), but they are individual keyservers.
>> providing a .onion frontend to the pool would be something very 
>> different.  how would it work?  would it just proxy connections
>> to other members of the pool?  if so, it's basically acting as a
>> tor exit node, but a very specialized one.  is this a good idea?
> It would be possible to use OnionBalance here - someone can run a 
> popular .onion and add all of the SKS servers with .onions into
> that instance of Onion balance. Thus - a single .onion name can
> redirect entirely within Tor to every individual SKS server that
> has a .onion name/Hidden Service.

Thanks for this pointer, I'm not too familiar with it (and frankly Tor
in general) and busy with real life atm, but will try to read up a bit
and see if it is something that can be of interest later this week

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