GnuPG Github mirrors

Jeroen Ooms jeroen.ooms at
Mon Oct 26 19:55:40 CET 2015

Following other GNU projects such as Linux and R, the GnuPG git server
is now mirrored on Github:

For those unfamiliar with Github: it is a popular git hosting service
which adds a nice web interface and API for things like commits [1,4]
branches [2,5], releases [3,6], etc. Hopefully this can help making
GnuPG development a bit more visible and accessible.

Github also provides powerful collaboration features to fork
repositories, generate/review/discuss/merge patches (pull requests),
and organize access control via users and organizations. However these
features are mainly useful when using Github as the primary
development server rather than a mirror.

I am currently controlling the Github 'gpg' organization but will
happily transfer ownership if someone from GnuPG wants to take over.


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