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Dimitri John Ledkov dimitri.j.ledkov at
Tue Oct 27 11:29:17 CET 2015

On 27 October 2015 at 03:44, Robert J. Hansen <rjh at> wrote:
>> Following other GNU projects such as Linux and R, the GnuPG git server
>> is now mirrored on Github:
> You certainly have the right to do this under the GPL, but is it wise?
> Without community signoff your repo is going to be an unofficial mirror.
>  People will file bug reports there and not on our bug tracker; worse,
> since you're the owner, they'll expect you to fix their issues.

In git, all mirrors are equal, including the one on my laptop.

Bug tracker looks to be explicitly disabled there.

> If the community decides to go the GitHub route, these problems go away.
>  But I don't think you'll have much success with that until you clearly
> articulate *why* such a move is a good thing.  I currently have commit
> privs to the GnuPG FAQ, for instance, so convince me: why should I
> abandon a system that works well for GitHub?

I don't have upstream commit access. Nor do I have a publicly
accessible git hosting. For me, github mirrors is a way to efficiently
do server-side git repository clone and host my patches for others to
discover / test / comment on / pull from.

And trust me, none of the github users would be confused that the
thing over there is a mirror. Especially how prominently it is shown
that this repository is from in the top-level
description and official sites are at from readme; issues
disabled; and lack of "typical" github development activity on the
github site.

Think less about it as a thing for commiters to move to, but rather
think of it as a service for non-commiter / prospective developers to
fork from. From that standpoint it is exceptionally useful. From core
developers point of view, github mirror is probably something like
irrelevant to possibly marginally useful (if it ever results in
recruiting / adding a core developer).


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