Suggestions for gpgme on mingw-w64

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Oct 28 16:37:14 CET 2015

On Fri,  4 Sep 2015 16:55, jeroen.ooms at said:

> That would be really great.

I just pushed 

  bb600aa w32: Add new global flag "w32-inst-dir".

  @item "w32-inst-dir"
  On Windows GPGME needs to know its installation directory to find its
  spawn helper.  This is in general no problem because a DLL has this
  information.  Some applications however link statically to GPGME and
  thus GPGME can only figure out the installation directory of this
  application which may be wrong in certain cases.  By supplying an
  installation directory as value to this flag, GPGME will assume that
  that directory is the installation directory.  This flag has no effect
  on non-Windows platforms.

> Yes, that makes sense. The full table on what
> CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES{,X86,X64} refer to for 32/64bit processes on
> windows 32 and 64 is here:

  a82e9b1 w32: Improve locating gpgconf on 64 bit systems.

and also

  bb2d11c w32: Add extra diagnostic about possible missing 

I have not tested any of these changes, I would appreciate if you could
give it a try.  Please let me know if you need a tarball.



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