adns and TOR

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Wed Oct 28 20:28:54 CET 2015

On Wed 2015-10-21 16:26:01 -0400, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Werner Koch writes ("Re: adns and TOR"):
>> There is this torsocks script which LD_PRELOADs a wrapper to intercept
>> all network related calls to send them to Tor or returns an error.
>> [...]
> So this script ought to set suitable ADNS_* variable so tht naive
> programs get an adns configuration which uses the Tor socks proxy for
> dns lookups.  Am I right ?

While i don't think that torsocks is the right fix for GnuPG and
dirmngr, better integration between torsocks and ADNS might be worth
discussing with the torsocks developers.


>>> Mailing list for help is <tor-talk at> and for
>>> development use <tor-dev at>. You can find the
>>> project also on IRC server (OFTC) in #tor and #tor-dev.



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