cert and key for problem reporting?

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Fri Oct 30 09:52:09 CET 2015

occasionally I want people to send encrypted test emails 
so a problem can be reproduced [1].

I wonder if we have good documentation to make this easy.
As I am not aware of any, I'd put something in the wiki.
The question is: Which test key and cert should people use?

In Git there are some test keys, e.g. in 
there are secdemo.asc and the corresponding pubdemo.asc.
Drawbacks are: 
These are many certs at once, while one would be enough.
They are old (which should not influence an email structure, but maybe
in other tests the choice of algorithms make a difference.)

For my idea it would be cool to have a single cert and its key
available, maybe two for each default (key creation) configuration that GnuPG
has offered over time. 

Is there such a file with one or two keys for an 2048 rsa with subkeys default
that could be used?
If not, I propose to add one. 

Is there already documentation somewhere how to import, do the test and then
delete the certs and keys again?


[1] An example is this forum request by someone who cannot decrypt an
gpgmail email. Having an example file by someone that uses gpgmail where the 
structure could be studied, would be good to have to provide assistance.

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