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Thanks for the reply it's clear and helpful! 

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> Hello,
> nPth is a library of cooperative threads programming on top of system
> thread library.  "Cooperative" means that only single thread can run.
> This condition simplifies things around mutual exclusion control and
> shared resource.
> On 09/01/2015 12:10 PM, > drichd at>  wrote:
>> - How can I utilize multiple cores when I want several
>>   threads to run on different cpu?
> You can't with nPth (by its design).  Please use system thread
> library.
>> - Is npth implemented with call/cc?
> No.  It is implemented on top of system thread library.
> It seems that you are confused.  In an execution model where call/cc
> is valid, execution can proceed like tree, while it goes just
> up-and-down in an execution model with stack.  Well, it would be
> possible to emulate call/cc with cooperative threads (or vice versa),
> but it wouldn't be so cheap or recommended.
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